Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Adjustments to summer!

Another hot run today!
 I set my alarm for 6am with the intentions of getting up and running then but as usual when I set my alarm a tiny bit earlier than normal I worry about sleeping through it, so I tossed and turned all night and ended up not getting up! 
2 miles slow, 1 mile <9min mile, 1 slow. A bit uncomfortable, as I ate some toast and drank some water, right before running and of course the heat doesn't help. That made me a bit slow but I didn't hurt anywhere, bonus.
I got back and as usual when I entered the air conditioning the sweat started to roll off of me.
Time to break out the electrolytes. I donno if I tried the orange flavor Ultima Replenisher last year but I had to open it as my lemonade flavor had clumped, after being opened for so long, and looked awful. It was good, a very mild flavor, you just have to make sure it's all dissolved. No one wants a clump of powder mid-drink.

The bugs are out full force too. My garden is literally crawling with ants. I have approx. 30 ants bites on my legs, obtained trimming branches etc along the garden fence line. This sucks as I'm allergic. For me these ant bites swelled to a circle around 3 inches across, even after taking two different anti-histamines (one over the counter and another prescribed to me, they target different types of histamines allowing me to take two). Now the lumps have burst, not pretty, but the swelling goes away then. I hope I don't get a bunch of new scars. I might have to break down and treat the garden but I hate using all these chemicals. 

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