Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Who doesn't love puppies!

So I met this cutie this week
And of course instantly fell in love. She looks eeriely like Boomer at that age. The same fearless cheeky attitude too. 

Of course she is too little to go running but Boomer loves it. It was just about cool enough to bring him along tonight for 3 miles. We did a nice easy pace, around 10 minute miles, everything felt good, yay so far! As soon as we got back in the house Boomer went to every AC vent and lay in front of them in turn, a little trick he has learnt to cool off. Unfortunately for him the house wasn't warm enough for the AC to be running so he had to make do with a nice ice cube..more playing than cooling off and some nice fridge chilled water....only the best for young sir!! He is a little tired now!
For myself I had a glass of my latest Wholefoods find, it is on special right now, delicious not as tart as I expected, kinda like a non-alcoholic mojito.
Why does my desk look like this...
What a disaster zone. Grant writing is slow work. Luckily I'm not expected to do as much as I thought, just pull together the biology part, which is more my area of expertise, than my bosses. Let's hope I do a good job.
The house looks much the same but sometimes things gotta get dirty before they get clean. This is our big spring clean and declutter. Outside looks perfect..new flowers, lawns mowed and my parents room is ready. Now if only the rest of the house would magically clean itself.

Ok one more puppy picture

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