Thursday, 8 May 2014

My crazy year of racing!

So I spent a substantial amount of time at the of the beginning of this year looking for races to run, since I feel like I always miss out on the cool ones. I'm sure I've mentioned I get really nervous for races, to the point where I'm beginning to think it's the reason I get injured when I race. I don't run much faster or further but mention a race and something's gonna hurt. 
Well this year will beat that right out of me! I came up with a huge list and decided that there are too many races I'd like to run so I narrowed it down to the lucky number 13. Twelve halfs and a marathon. Yes this is the reason for my back to back half marathon weekends.

Blue=done,lilac=ruled out due to distance or expense. Red/orange=registered for or will be

I've had to do a good few races in the last couple of months to a) make up for my unready self in January and Feburary and b) leave some time to up training for a marathon in December. I might be crazy but I'm not stupid, as I mentioned before I know I can't "race" all of these but I'll use a few to try PR. 

I've also had my heart checked out. A lot of cases of people dropping dead after marathons and halfs , especially younger people, is due to heart defects that have always been there; in some older runners it's due to congestive heart failure but I don't think I fit in the older category quite yet. When getting a medical for a job a few years ago, the doctor heard a slight heart murmer and I went and got an echo cardiogram. I've seen my heart (ok a sonagram type image) and I know it's functioning perfectly (that and the cardiologist told me so).
  So my advise, always get checked out, you might think your ok but you never know what might happen when you stress your body physically.

I would also say don't think you'll train and run the same as if you were doing one or two races a year. My diet, training and wallet have all taken a hit and I'm not even half way there. So far I've had to swallow my pride a few times and be happy to finish. Maybe that's good for me, but it still sucks seeing the minutes tick by when you know you could do better.

On the other hand you get to travel to cool places, when you might otherwise stay on your sofa, and of course you get some nice race bling. Most of all this keeps me running. Even if it's not a 100% training effort between races (that are close together) it's better than a 0% effort!

This week I'm taking some down time to recover from the last few crazy months before I head into another 3 weeks of training for the next race! please don't judge my crazy!!

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