Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hot, hot, hot!!

5 miles last night.
 It's like it became summer overnight. It was 30C or 87F when I ran last night. I made it through one half of the run in daylight with prescription sunglasses and then had to take them off on the way back. It was a bit of an argument, whether I was blinder with or without them, for once with them was worst!

My favourite ice tray ever, they pop right out!
Ready for post run.
My legs felt pretty fresh after a week off and you can tell that by the fact that I ran an extra mile just to make it to a water fountain. They didn't feel too like that at the end of the run; my ever persistant left IT band problem is still there. Well that and the fact that I probably lost a few pounds in sweat. I feel like this Summer in SC is going to be horrifically hot, if most days are in the 90s in May. I was told that last summer was "milder". I might die!!

I ran thinking about the heat which got me thinking about other things like snakes. I seen so many last summer, none venomous, but I still hate them. Lo and behold I managed to spot one, sans glasses, the biggest m&@$!&$@&$r I've seen yet. I stopped and waited for it to cross the path. I'm sure it was some variety of water snake. Now the heats kicked in I think it's back to the streets for me (not between a canal and river), less snakes and I need to get some hill work anyhow.

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