Sunday, 11 May 2014

Getting Back on Track

This week has been blissful. After 5 solid months of training and racing I took an entire week off. I didn't run once.
As I mentioned things have slid a little in the last month, in terms of training and diet and this week was my reset. I needed it. I've had niggles from tight muscles, I managed to completely skip a period last month and I was just exhausted.

Lots of rest stretching and some yoga have been just what the doctor ordered. You know when I'm not exhausted I'm a pretty happy person, I giggled my way through yoga on Friday feeling very content and stupidly happy for no particular reason!!

Because I missed a period, I was worried that I was pushing myself too much and not eating enough. I don't think that's the case, I think it was my regular old PCOS being a meanie but I've ate more in the last two months to be sure. More than I probably should. I've gained 5lbs :(  
No big deal tho, this is the point where my old tracking habits need to kick back in.

Next week is my fresh start. Back to a full training schelude, if I can manage the mileage without hurting too bad and back to healthier eating. My plan is to track my input and output of calories and manage that enough to lost a1lb a week before my Mom appears in two weeks with a ridiculous amount of goodies. So running a good bit and gasp I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and start hitting the weights twice a week in the gym and of course my usual yoga sessions.

I'm going to need it all, my boss very generously is allowing me to apply as a co- investigator on a grant with him. The catch is that it's due in two weeks and I've never written one. Running will be much needed stress relief.

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  1. Grant writing is quite the learning experience, but is so rewarding in the end. Running will definitely help balance out the stress!