Sunday, 18 May 2014


So I'll be honest this week has been a bit of a rubbish one as far as running goes. My IT band really hurt on Tuesday when I ran and since then it's been sore. 
Life circumstances, like my job also got in the way. I planned to take Wednesday off to let my knee recover, so that was ok. 
Thursday I had to drive to Spartanburg, SC for a conference. That made for 3 hours of driving that day so between that and the horrendous thunderstorms that day I didn't run. In good news I nabbed some good free stuff at the conference.
A screen cleaner sticker. You pull it off clean your screen and it sticks back on.
Another protein shaker...can never have to many.

Friday..I'll be honest I went to a party at a friends house and had a few drinks.... never again! Friday and Saturday..gone!

Today has been a load of prep for my parents coming to stay. I love them dearly but it might be best that they only visit once a year. I'm not sure I could keep the house this clean all the time!

I can feel my running fitness slipping away and another race is around the corner but there isn't too much I can do. My lower back is really tight and a little sore which = sore IT band when I run. I bought myself one of these ..
In the hopes that better posture at my desk, which I've been spending lots of time at lately, will help.

I have until Friday to get some miles in before my parents get here, once they arrive I'll run while I can but quality time with the family will be my priority then. A year and a bit is a long time to not see them so I have to make the most of it.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and get your runs in this week!

    LOLing about the house cleaning comment. My friend and I have a joke that there is "grandma level" clean, "parent level" clean, and "friend level" clean... grandma being the most clean. Like how hardcore you clean if Grandma is coming to visit! LOL

    1. Thanks I'm not sure if the chair is working or if the extra time off from running is helping but my back is loosening up. Fingers crossed for my run tonight! I like your clean system lol! Unfortunately my Mom runs a pretty tight ship at home. I'm no slob but man she like things CLEAN!