Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekly Roundup

This week has been better than the last few, less ITB pain, yay! It's still there but manageable. I credit two things for this, a massage on Tuesday that left me incredibly sore afterwards and the next day (never happened me before) and hot yoga on Friday. I think the massage moved some things around leaving me uncomfortable and the hip openers at yoga finished the job...almost. I've been able to run consistently and even threw in a faster run on Saturday when I'd normally run race pace.

Today for my long run I managed 9 miles, not without discomfort but it was more tightness than pain. I've been following along with some yoga classes on YouTube, not ideal but I've done enough yoga that I'm not any worst than I would be in an actual class. I don't know if I'd try it if I'd never done yoga before. Boomer decided he was stiff after his trip to the dog park and wanted to try it out....

Monday  rest
Tuesday Massage
Wednesday 4 miles, (average 8:54/mile) strength progression series
Thursday 4 miles,   (average 9:25/mile) strength progression series
Friday hot yoga 1 hour
Saturday 4 miles (average 8:38/mile)
Sunday 9 miles (average 9:17/mile) strength progression series

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