Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekly round up

An ok week this week! Still tight in a lot of areas but I'm managing. One or two days it's been pretty humid, a little preview of summer.
I've been keeping up with the strength training series and yoga, they've been helping. 

Monday: rest
Tuesday:2.5 miles with the pup + strength progression series
Wednesday:5 miles with the pup  + strength progression series
Thursday: rest
Friday: hot yoga
Saturday: a rainy 5 miles with the pup  + strength progression series
Sunday: 7.5 miles

For a weekly total of 20 miles.

I would have liked to go to yoga today but the day was a bit jam packed. After all our running together the pup (I should really should stop calling him that now that he's 16 months old) was mucky. He was due a haircut and wash...badly. It took forever but I took my time and his hair looks really good. Between the haircut, wash and combing he tought I was torturing him lol. Besides trimming the dog I spent a couple of hours on the lawn which is really starting to grow.
We also got to go to Easter dinner at my friends house as her family were visiting. They've kind of adopted look like I got an extra set of parents at the ripe ol age of 30. 

It's been pretty rainy here the last couple of days...the river is roaring right now, it looks pretty close to overflowing.

By the way... I don't have any fancy contacts or anything but I just thought I'd put out there that the Run Hard Marathon and Half here in Columbia have a special discounted price right now,  for next years race, in honor of Boston. It's $37 for either race if you sign up on Monday or Tuesday.

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