Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New shoes and my pelvis is wrong!

Yay I love nothing more than new shoes.  My Brooks PureCadence 2s arrived today. Wearing them around the house they feel good, a bit more cushioned than my Saucony Mirages but good! 

I'm not running AGAIN tonight. I should be but I got myofasial release and massage instead and I'm feeling beat up to the tune of $110, ekk! Apparently my pelvis is slightly rotated which explains why I'm not getting more of a benefit from stretching. More stretching and time, my massage therapist is great tho and has shown me what muscles to target and how to stretch them....and I believe her since she is also a yoga teacher. I didn't even realize how tight everything was until I started to flinch with surprise as muscles were massaged.
Not a good money week but if it all keeps me healthy and injury free, I'll just have to work this stuff into my budget!


  1. No better investment than a good pair of running shoes! I love the feeling of walking around - and running - in a brand new pair of shoes. They are beautiful! Enjoy. :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten. They got their first outing tonight and they felt pretty good after the first mile. You must be going thru shoes pretty fast right now!