Saturday, 5 April 2014

Geez Spring don't hold back!

Pollen, pollen everywhere...makes it hard to think! Never have I seen this much pollen anywhere. Everything is a yellowy green color..the pictures don't do it justice. The change of seasons here in the US seems so abrupt to me compared to Ireland's temperate climate where one mild rainy season flows into another one almost the same.

I'm having some pollen allergy issues, which I've never had before...keep the tissues on hand. My immune system is always easily triggered as evidenced by my trip to Doctors care last year for an allergic reaction. Besides taking anti-histamines almost everyday and having an enormous pile of tissues everywhere I go, I now also have to carry an inhaler when running..given to me by the doctor last year. He sees my strong allergies as a potential route to excercise induced asthma. Do I see this as a probable exaggeration? Yes. Am I taking any risks? No. Another month and it'll be back to constant bug spray...since I'm allergic to most insect bites and have the scars to prove it.

Anyone have any good suggestions for dealing with these things....without an overload of drugs/chemicals. I've been trying to eat local honey (within a 10 mile radius) as I've heard that helps, and from a biological perspective it makes sense. Since Ireland doesn't have fire ants/Mosquitos I'm not really sure what alternatives are out there for bugs?

On a happier note I went to a hot yoga class last night. I've tried a few at different studios but this is the first one I really liked. It might help that it was led by my favorite yoga teacher or that the class this week focused on hip openers, it's like someone designed it for me :)

A busy day today...

The international festival was on today in Columbia. So much food. Then puppies first trip to the doggie park. Followed by my best run in weeks. Yay

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