Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Disney World Marathon

Well I did it. I finally signed up for another marathon. A $$$$$$$pricey one too. I don't think I'll be racing this one, I have other plans for a PR. A bunch of us from work etc are driving down to Orlando next January to run the WDW marathon/half.

Cue evil laughter.....I even got my housemate to sign up for the half, she didn't want to miss out but I do believe her words were "I hate to enable you but....". This is the second race I've registered for next year. Damn I have a problem :) I'm barely surviving my crazy race schedule right now...another two close together and then they space out a lot more. Thank goodness!!

Am I the only one who can answer yes to all these questions?
Credit: the Louisiana marathon


  1. I am enabling you...sigh! But (and I can't believe I'm saying this about running!) it'll be fun!

  2. You girls are going to have a blast! Someday I will plan a trip to Disney World during the marathon. I live much closer to Disneyland, so one of the Disney runs there seems more plausible in the near future. You have a lot of time to plan, prepare, and train!