Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why I will never be an Ironman!

Besides the fact that I am not a man nor am I made of iron, I am not cut out for the whole swimming thing.

Don't get me wrong I can swim and if I put some effort in I'm good at. Hell I learned to swim in a lake, from the age of 3, so the open water thing doesn't frighten me. I've even done a sprint triathlon long ago, so it's not the combination of three sports (even tho I hate cycling). 

It's that feeling of lowering your still asleep body into cold water. I do all my training in the evening, unless a morning session is unavoidable. Yes I feel great, energized and productive after I've done a morning workout but I just can't do it on a regular basis. There is no avoiding morning sessions when you are training a gazillion hours a week, as iron people do!

I'm also a very unmotivated swimmer....even tho I can swim fast, I don't. I'd need a coach screaming at me everyday. I end up beyond bored after ten minutes. For example, the forty minutes in the pool this morning might as well have been 4 hours but the 15 minutes in the suana flew by.

So all you triatheletes, be it sprint, full, half ironman, ironman or any such variation you have my undying respect, I salute you!!


  1. Swimming was/is my weakest sport. I took a private swim lesson at the beginning of this crazy journey and it made all the difference. I also did a swim form clinic, which was marginally helpful. YouTube video help a lot, too.

  2. I have avoided triathlons for years because of the swimming leg, however decided this year was THE YEAR to overcome my fear and see what triathlons are all about. I don't mind swimming in the pool, but am really looking forward to some open water swimming (come on spring/summer) and practicing in a wetsuit. I am still incredibly nervous about the swim, but hopefully will be ready.

  3. I donno. I don't think it'll ever be for me but I'm in awe of you guys....you are truly hard core!