Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekly roundup

This week has been my time to recover after two back to back half marathon weekends. I didn't expect to run too much but my little buddy was enjoying it so much who was I to refuse him!
Lots of this.
Followed by...zzzzzzz!

Monday: rest
Wednesday:3 miles (9.51, 10.02, 9.43),strength progression series
Thursday: 4 miles (9.37, 10.15, 9.37, 9.37),strength progression series
Friday: strength progression series
Saturday: 4 miles (10.02, 9.37, 9.26, 8.26),strength progression series
Sunday:5 miles (9.08, 8.43, 9+knee pain,9.15, 10.02),strength progression series

16 miles total.
All was going great until today. I'd had no IT band related pain all week but it kicked in today at mile 3. I had intended to run 9 miles today for a nice round weekly total of 20 but that didn't happen. I did enough to get myself back to the car and go home. Live to fight another day!
Maybe I eased off stretch and rolling a bit too much towards the end of the week....well now it's back at it! In positive news I only had pain in one knee rather than both. Next week let's go for no knee pain!!

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