Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tahini, Vegetable & Tofu Stir-fry

I haven't posted a recipe in a long while but I made this for dinner tonight and thought it was really tasty, so why not share?

I make stir-fries on and off, we have a bit of a love-hate relationship...right now it's love!

Extra firm Tofu
Garlic Granules
Chili flakes
Soy sauce
Sesame seed oil
Whatever veggies you like in a stir fry

Get your rice cooking.

Add a tsp of sesame seed oil to a wok/pan and allow to heat.

Pat dry the tofu and add to the oil, I added around an 1/5th of a block cut into cubes.

At this stage if you have any veggies like carrots that take a little longer to cook add them with the tofu.
Let cook for a few minutes, mixing occasionally, until the tofu is slightly colored and add the rest of the veggies. 

Also add a liberal sprinkling of garlic granules (approx 1/2 tbsp), chili flakes (depending on how hot you like your food) and soy sauce (approx 2 tbsp).

Let cook a little longer and when you think everything is just about done add 2-3 tbsps of tahini paste and stir it in and allow 1 minute at a low heat for it to warm up.

Serve over rice or quinoa and enjoy.

As a side note, I love garlic and garlic granules have been something I've never tried using in my cooking until recently. I know fresh garlic is probably healthier and I will use both in tomato based sauces but the flavor provided by the granules is much nicer especially for stir-fries.


  1. Ahh! I just read another blog with a yummy food post! Is it lunch time, yet?! I should make this.

    P.S. Saw your comment on another blog and clicked over. Hi! :)

  2. I know I'm always waiting for lunch time to roll around..forever hungry! Thanks for coming and reading my blog :)