Saturday, 29 March 2014

Not a lot of running....but lots of food!

Tight hips prevail this week and no matter what I do no amount of stretching seems to be working. 

My current shoes are worn thin which is probably not helping...never fear a pair of Brooks Purecadence 2s are winging their way to me. I chose them because they have the same heel to toe drop and cushion as my Saucony Progrid Mirages. I don't like the newest version of the Sauconys so a change was required. As a bonus they are vegan more easy small change. I'll let ya know what I think when I get a chance to try them out.

It's been a quiet week just me and the pup, but my housemate (@ arrived back from Ireland last night loaded with an assortment of goodies. She went to the cheapest shop ever, by request, and got me pjs and undies (since Boomer has depleted mine by chewing thru many pairs). Besides that piece of randomness she loaded her suitcase with sweets, cookies and even bread from home. Irish bread tastes very different than American bread, which I don't offense meant I guess what you grow up with always tastes better. Even tho I'd had dinner before picking her up at the airport, a major binge fest took place afterwards.

I'm really happy she got to go home, especially since I'll be seeing my parents here in May and her family can't travel, but I've been very homesick these last few months. I might have welled up eating the bread she brought back, who says I don't have a very emotional connection to food? No wonder I have to watch myself to maintain my weight!

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