Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My 8 Week Challenge

I'm challenging myself to do all 8 weeks of this strength progression series for runners by Coach Jay Johnson

I've become dedicated to and more knowledgable about stretching, foam rolling and massage to help heal or prevent injuries. I've seen benefits. I'm less likely to get injured and I recover faster from any niggles. For example stretching and foam rolling let me run a 3 mile recovery run today without any ITB pain. This is after my race on Sunday when they hurt quite a bit.

However, besides one bout of shin splints years ago, any injuries I get are reoccurring. Usually appearing when I'm fatigued and pushing hard e.g. Racing. My IT bands and gluteus medius are mainly the problem. The fact that this happens when I'm fatigued suggests I need to strengthen my hip (mainly glutes) and core muscles to improve my form when tired. 

So I'm going to dedicate at least the next 8 weeks to following these exercises. I don't need a gym to do them and they target the muscles I want to work on. The first weeks excercises don't take a long time to do and are for the most part easy. I thought too easy but I've just completed my first round and you might not be in agony or sweating but you do feel it. Even if they don't prevent my particular set of injuries I feel like they'll make me a stronger runner.

If anyone else decides to do this too please let me know if you feel like you are improving as a result and I'll update you on my progress.

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