Friday, 7 March 2014

Garmin FR220, my new toy!

Can you tell I got my taxes back. A chunk of it went towards upgrading my running watch. I haven't even taken it for a run but already I'm in love!

Much lighter, comfortable and who am I kidding prettier than my old FR 405 this feels great on my wrist. It sits much better and I can actually tighten it enough to feel comfortable, with the 405 it was always a little too tight or loose. Like Goldilocks I could never get it just right. 

Now my transition away from my phone is complete. I used my 405 a lot when I got it and for a long time afterwards, but it never felt great so I moved to using my phone to track runs. This worked when I was really only interested in finishing runs but now, as I try to do faster workouts, trying to check on my pace is harder and the phone apps don't quite cut it for pace accuracy, they just don't update fast enough. Recently I moved back to the 405 and realized even tho I didn't love it, a watch really was much better than holding a phone. 

Then I saw my lilac beauty. I'm a impulse shopper. I wouldn't say I buy just anything on impulse but when I see something I really really want, that's it I have to have it!

From a quick scroll through the menus this watch is much easier to more hated bezel. 

A few choices about choosing runs based on distance and time seem to have gone, but those options seemed pointless anyhow. What remains is a simple run go and when finished press stop and save. For more complex workouts, you can create custom workouts online or program in simple interval workouts on the watch itself.

 I also like the change in charger design it seems a bit more robust than the connection used to charge the 405. I also like the option of vibrating alerts..great for when I'm listening to music. 

It also comes with an option to pair with a phone/iPad thru Bluetooth to upload workouts and allow live tracking. My current iPhone (a 4) has older Bluetooth technology so it's not compatible. A quick google will tell you it's not compatible with android but I'm pretty sure that's been changed, again it depends on the type of Bluetooth you check for your specific device with garmin.

Anyhow it'll get its first test run this Sunday and I'll let you know how it performs.

For a full in depth review, which I'm not even gonna attempt, see DCRainmaker's excellent reviews.
 It's 'bigger' sister watch the 620 looks similar but is packed with extra features such as vo2 max estimation and projected recovery times for runs. I probably would look at these stats with interest every so often but they'll never be as accurate as lab testing, so for me the only feature I would have really liked is the wifi connectivity, but that just didn't justify the extra $200. Again see DCRainmaker for a full comparison, if you are thinking about buying either.

So my phone might not get cracked screens quite so often and my 405 goes on to be used by another runner hurrah!

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