Friday, 7 March 2014

Come on Race Weekend!

Having never got the chance to run a half during marathon training (as part of a race) I'm running a bunch of them this year. This weekend is the first of many. I'm heading to Bluffton, SC on Saturday to run what is promised to be a fast, flat route... The Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon! It's in a beautiful part of SC near Hilton Head so expect lots of pictures as well as the low down on the race.

I'm nervous, I've no worries that I'll finish but I've set myself an A goal of finishing under two hours. The fastest I've ran a half during marathon training was 2:06, so I'll be trying to take off a hefty 6 or so minutes, ekk! I've gotten faster since then. Fingers crossed if I don't go out too fast or my body doesn't fall apart, as it likes to in races, I should at least get close. My B goal is to sneak in under 2:06.

OK it's out there now I have to do it :D

Big shout out to my bestie Martina running her first half, good luck!

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  1. Woop thanks Kathy!! I'm getting even more nervous now :) And you're going to rock this half!