Friday, 14 March 2014

Between two race weekends

Running two half marathons on back to back weekends is probably a bit of a stretch of my athletic abilities right now. However, nothing ventured nothing gained!

After the Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon last Sunday I have been sore and really tired for most of the week. The thought of running another half this weekend has drove me into uber recovery mode.

Aided by instruments of torture (a foam roller, ball and ice bath) I've been trying to recover and release any knots lingering in my muscles. I also had a massage on Tuesday which has helped more than anything. Note I've been avoiding any super tender areas as intense massage could potentially irritate any injuries and have been icing those areas instead.

Rest has been important, I've been trying (and mostly failing) to get more sleep. I've also only run once this week, for two slow miles, on Wednesday. This helped get the blood flowing again but wasn't enough to aggravate my knees...which were slightly irritated by my tight IT bands. I figure in one week my fitness isn't going to drastically decrease.

Lastly stretching..constantly! Mostly my IT band, TFL, Glutes and psoas muscles as these provide me with the most problems but of course everything got a little attention. My workmates officially think I'm crazy!

As I said I'm not super fit right now and definitely need to start doing a lot of strength and flexibility work to get there, so this next race will be for sightseeing purposes rather than trying for a particular finish time, so don't be expecting any PRs, ya hear me!

The race is the Tobacco Road Marathon, or in my case Half. It is run mostly on the American Tobacco Trail so I'm hoping it'll be pretty. It'll involve a very early start, I need to be parked by 5am, but it's to be expected when a large field of not only half marathoners but full ones need to be organized for a 7am start. 
Mostly I'll be enjoying the sights, like these pretty blossoms which seemed to have appeared everywhere overnight.

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