Sunday, 9 February 2014


After a very nice 10 mile run today this is going down smooth!

A few other rewarding moments this week:
 Slowly introducing the puppy, who is now a year old, to running. Seeing his happy face makes running any distance seem like nothing. We haven't gone over 3 miles yet (with walking breaks) and probably won't for a long while but it's fun to have some canine company. The quiet time afterwards is also awesome.

Eating  a slice of cookie cake with ice cream on Saturday night watching movies knowing it's ok because you'll burn it and a ton more calories the next day.

Running with my best friend and seeing her improve every week. Sometimes helping someone else is better than any improvement you might make yourself.

Enjoying the nicer weather...warm sunshine, cool breeze!

A 1 and a half hour massage..... Heaven and hell(some very sore spots).

A good week of running. 21 miles this week all pain free,

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