Sunday, 2 February 2014

Race Pace, eh no thanks

I love bargains, I found these books at a local cleansweep sale yesterday for $2 each.
Probably old editions but still worth a read. I've heard a lot about the Galloway method in passing but never really sat down to learn anything about it so here's my chance and everyone can always improve their nutrition. 
Speaking of money, running is consuming quite a bit of mine right now. I've signed up for 3 halfs this spring (add in x2 hotels) and have done a few local races already. I also need new trainers and it's getting to the stage where the wonders of massage are needed to help my tired body to loosen up a bit (especially to prevent any more injuries). All not so easy on the pocket but I guess it's about the only thing that I spend money on for just myself, le sigh! How do other runners, especially marathon maniacs manage...I guess better jobs!

Back to a more normal weekend running routine after my race last week. Yesterday was more "speed work". Or at least thats what it turned out to be.
I was determined to run my five miles at race pace. I'm aiming for a sub 2 hour half so I was to run anywhere between 8:50-9:07 mins/mile. That did not happen.
 Somehow I can push a lot and run 6:30-8 min/mile, push a little and run 8-8:40 min/mile and then when I try to run slower something happens. My pace drops off and all my body wants to do is run at the same ol' 10 min/mile it loves. I wonder if my stride changes too much as I slow down?
I don't think my phone tracking is helping me in this endeavor with the pace bouncing all over the place, the nike+ app just takes too long to adjust. I might have to wear my garmin to do these runs properly but I do like seeing the miles stack up on nike+. Silly I know! I ended up running at an average pace of 8:30 for five miles but that varied +/- 1.5 minutes. 

9 miles today, nice and slow. I have my housemate with me for this run. We're both running the Palmetto Bluff Half in Bluffton SC at the beginning of March. Although she is following a beginners program our long runs match up. Not such a loner anymore, running seems so much easier when you are having a chat along the way and now that the snow has cleared it's even better.

Anyhow have fun on your own running adventures this weekend 


  1. I completely agree and understand how expensive running and races can be. It is not a cheap sport. But, at least it is an investment for happiness and health. For how much time and effort I put into it, it seems justifiable. :) Sounds like you have had a full weekend of running in preparation for your Half marathon in March - that will be coming up quick!

  2. Definitely check out the Galloway method... Sounds counter intuitive... but the run/walk will actually allow you to get faster and finish stronger. Many of our marathon/half marathoners have found HUGE success qualifying for Boston and beyond. Check out the website and look for a training program in your area for more info. It works... promise!