Sunday, 16 February 2014

Long Run Sunday..the race that wasn't a race.

My training called for a 15k race, none were on this weekend near me. So I decided to just run hard myself. I ran on a hilly section of river walk. With slightly warmer weather, pretty for the view...but left me super sweaty!

Since I didn't have a rest day on Friday as normal, due to snow. I'd run an interval workout and a 3 mile run and then this, so my legs were pretty tired. Either way I tried and did ok. I rounded the 15k down to 9 miles and set off. I ran it reasonably fast from the start not caring about negative splits because I really just wanted to see what I was capable of over a longer distance. 
I can't say I enjoyed it, there is something different about really pushing for a race and what you know is another training run. I only really faded in the last two miles and I think most of that was mental rather than physical. I went from an average of an 8:30 min mile to about 45 seconds per mile slower.

 Overall I ran 9 miles in 1:19:48 for an average pace of 8:52 per mile. The 1000 calories I burned were put to good use. I'm a sucker for the Wholefoods hot counter..I just want everything.

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  1. I love the hot bar. It's way to easy to end up with a $10 dish filled with odds and ends, though, because I want to try it all.