Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hurry hurry!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. My work goes from zero to full speed in no time at all. Lots of late evenings something I've managed to avoid so far. However I've been making it work.

 Here's how:

 Snacks- no way I'm waiting until 9 to have dinner, not when the standard lunch time here is noon.

Organization- packing my running gear and afore mentioned snacks and bringing it to work so I can go straight to the park after work.

Dedication-unless I'm feeling really bad or it's dangerous to run outside, there's no skipping runs. Also dedication to my work (well in a way), I can either work hard and get this huge block of work done, impressing my boss in the process, or I can drag it out and suffer for weeks. 

It also helps that running de-stresses me and weirdly enough gives me more energy.

I've been sticking like glue to my training now that the snows gone. It's been ups and downs, some days a sub 8 mile feels hard but ok and other days 9 is pushing it.
 I'm coming towards the end of my training program and I have to say it's probably the first time I've really gone out and begun a run on tired legs (and no I didn't feel that during marathon training). I put that down to the speed work I've been doing as well the fact that I don't get a nice rest day before my long run on Sunday, instead on Saturday I've been practicing race pace :)

It's been worth it tho! After being sidelined for two months with ITBS I really get a lot of joy out of running even on the days I don't want to go. 

It also helps that I have the two best training buddies, one takes the shorter runs the other the long ones...I'll let you guess which is which!

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  1. Pacing is so weird. You can really tell how you've been treating yourself based upon how you feel at those paces.