Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Snow Day and a call for vegan help!!

Snow day.
Well tomorrow. Today looked a bit more like this. Given that everything shuts down here with a bit of ice I left work an hour early today to run some errands and get my run done.

Four rainy miles were ran with my besties 4 miles in 41 mins, hail kicked in and they high-tailed it to the warm car. The last mile I ran by myself in 7:52 min/mile for a total of five miles.

I came home, washed the dog and then hopped in the shower myself. I've been using a Trader Joes Tea Tree Shampoo and Mint body wash from WholeFoods. By the end I would have loved a mojito.

I use these products not because they are more expensive but because they are cruelty free i.e. Not tested on animals and no animal products. As I've mentioned before I'm a long time vegetarian. I'm not going vegan at least not for now, but as a compromise I've been trying to remove animal product from places you would least expect them. For example Sugar (normally filtered through bone char), some beers and wines (can check on barnivore.com) and lastly toiletries. I consume animal products from sources like cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs...that's my choice, but unknowingly you can consume a lot. I don't buy a lot of toiletries but it's hard to find everything vegan without resorting to a totally natural, dare I say it hippyish route. 

The shower gel and shampoos are easy to get and I like them, but I've yet to find a good anti-perspirant, or moisturister. Most vegans refuse to buy,for example, Simple moisturizer (which I use) because even tho it doesn't contain animal products it's parent company/owner unilever tests on animals. I want to slowly replace everything with vegan alternatives, other products I guenuinely like...because what's the point of possibily paying more for something I don't like? Cutting down on buying crap I'll never use helps but if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them!!

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