Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hurry hurry!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. My work goes from zero to full speed in no time at all. Lots of late evenings something I've managed to avoid so far. However I've been making it work.

 Here's how:

 Snacks- no way I'm waiting until 9 to have dinner, not when the standard lunch time here is noon.

Organization- packing my running gear and afore mentioned snacks and bringing it to work so I can go straight to the park after work.

Dedication-unless I'm feeling really bad or it's dangerous to run outside, there's no skipping runs. Also dedication to my work (well in a way), I can either work hard and get this huge block of work done, impressing my boss in the process, or I can drag it out and suffer for weeks. 

It also helps that running de-stresses me and weirdly enough gives me more energy.

I've been sticking like glue to my training now that the snows gone. It's been ups and downs, some days a sub 8 mile feels hard but ok and other days 9 is pushing it.
 I'm coming towards the end of my training program and I have to say it's probably the first time I've really gone out and begun a run on tired legs (and no I didn't feel that during marathon training). I put that down to the speed work I've been doing as well the fact that I don't get a nice rest day before my long run on Sunday, instead on Saturday I've been practicing race pace :)

It's been worth it tho! After being sidelined for two months with ITBS I really get a lot of joy out of running even on the days I don't want to go. 

It also helps that I have the two best training buddies, one takes the shorter runs the other the long ones...I'll let you guess which is which!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Long Run Sunday..the race that wasn't a race.

My training called for a 15k race, none were on this weekend near me. So I decided to just run hard myself. I ran on a hilly section of river walk. With slightly warmer weather, pretty for the view...but left me super sweaty!

Since I didn't have a rest day on Friday as normal, due to snow. I'd run an interval workout and a 3 mile run and then this, so my legs were pretty tired. Either way I tried and did ok. I rounded the 15k down to 9 miles and set off. I ran it reasonably fast from the start not caring about negative splits because I really just wanted to see what I was capable of over a longer distance. 
I can't say I enjoyed it, there is something different about really pushing for a race and what you know is another training run. I only really faded in the last two miles and I think most of that was mental rather than physical. I went from an average of an 8:30 min mile to about 45 seconds per mile slower.

 Overall I ran 9 miles in 1:19:48 for an average pace of 8:52 per mile. The 1000 calories I burned were put to good use. I'm a sucker for the Wholefoods hot counter..I just want everything.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Finally some running!

400m intervals. I finally broke out the Garmin. 8 x 400m at 5k pace.

1. 8:13
2. 7:49
3. 8:07
4. 8:44
5. 7:46
6. 8:15
7. 8:08
8. 7:39

I'd like to make those intervals more consistent but not bad times for me.
The Garmin adjusts a lot faster than my Nike plus app especially when running faster and it was nice to not have to look at my phone constantly. I'm having a slight reoccurrence of claw hand (sore/numb hands due to an irritated nerve), while not as bad as before but it's good to minimize any stress on my arms or posture while running. 

Good to get back to running!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Snow, snow go away!

No run yesterday, too much hail, ice and snow. This afternoon I was hoping that the ice and snow would have melted enough to run. My run yesterday was meant to intervals, so I thought I'd risk the track. 
A scouting trip with the dog, who badly needed a walk, to check it out revealing the track is also a no go. As much as I love running I'm not going to risk my life by running in the middle of the road with South Carolina drivers who are not great drivers in good conditions.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Snow Day and a call for vegan help!!

Snow day.
Well tomorrow. Today looked a bit more like this. Given that everything shuts down here with a bit of ice I left work an hour early today to run some errands and get my run done.

Four rainy miles were ran with my besties 4 miles in 41 mins, hail kicked in and they high-tailed it to the warm car. The last mile I ran by myself in 7:52 min/mile for a total of five miles.

I came home, washed the dog and then hopped in the shower myself. I've been using a Trader Joes Tea Tree Shampoo and Mint body wash from WholeFoods. By the end I would have loved a mojito.

I use these products not because they are more expensive but because they are cruelty free i.e. Not tested on animals and no animal products. As I've mentioned before I'm a long time vegetarian. I'm not going vegan at least not for now, but as a compromise I've been trying to remove animal product from places you would least expect them. For example Sugar (normally filtered through bone char), some beers and wines (can check on barnivore.com) and lastly toiletries. I consume animal products from sources like cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs...that's my choice, but unknowingly you can consume a lot. I don't buy a lot of toiletries but it's hard to find everything vegan without resorting to a totally natural, dare I say it hippyish route. 

The shower gel and shampoos are easy to get and I like them, but I've yet to find a good anti-perspirant, or moisturister. Most vegans refuse to buy,for example, Simple moisturizer (which I use) because even tho it doesn't contain animal products it's parent company/owner unilever tests on animals. I want to slowly replace everything with vegan alternatives, other products I guenuinely like...because what's the point of possibily paying more for something I don't like? Cutting down on buying crap I'll never use helps but if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014


After a very nice 10 mile run today this is going down smooth!

A few other rewarding moments this week:
 Slowly introducing the puppy, who is now a year old, to running. Seeing his happy face makes running any distance seem like nothing. We haven't gone over 3 miles yet (with walking breaks) and probably won't for a long while but it's fun to have some canine company. The quiet time afterwards is also awesome.

Eating  a slice of cookie cake with ice cream on Saturday night watching movies knowing it's ok because you'll burn it and a ton more calories the next day.

Running with my best friend and seeing her improve every week. Sometimes helping someone else is better than any improvement you might make yourself.

Enjoying the nicer weather...warm sunshine, cool breeze!

A 1 and a half hour massage..... Heaven and hell(some very sore spots).

A good week of running. 21 miles this week all pain free,

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Race Pace, eh no thanks

I love bargains, I found these books at a local cleansweep sale yesterday for $2 each.
Probably old editions but still worth a read. I've heard a lot about the Galloway method in passing but never really sat down to learn anything about it so here's my chance and everyone can always improve their nutrition. 
Speaking of money, running is consuming quite a bit of mine right now. I've signed up for 3 halfs this spring (add in x2 hotels) and have done a few local races already. I also need new trainers and it's getting to the stage where the wonders of massage are needed to help my tired body to loosen up a bit (especially to prevent any more injuries). All not so easy on the pocket but I guess it's about the only thing that I spend money on for just myself, le sigh! How do other runners, especially marathon maniacs manage...I guess better jobs!

Back to a more normal weekend running routine after my race last week. Yesterday was more "speed work". Or at least thats what it turned out to be.
I was determined to run my five miles at race pace. I'm aiming for a sub 2 hour half so I was to run anywhere between 8:50-9:07 mins/mile. That did not happen.
 Somehow I can push a lot and run 6:30-8 min/mile, push a little and run 8-8:40 min/mile and then when I try to run slower something happens. My pace drops off and all my body wants to do is run at the same ol' 10 min/mile it loves. I wonder if my stride changes too much as I slow down?
I don't think my phone tracking is helping me in this endeavor with the pace bouncing all over the place, the nike+ app just takes too long to adjust. I might have to wear my garmin to do these runs properly but I do like seeing the miles stack up on nike+. Silly I know! I ended up running at an average pace of 8:30 for five miles but that varied +/- 1.5 minutes. 

9 miles today, nice and slow. I have my housemate with me for this run. We're both running the Palmetto Bluff Half in Bluffton SC at the beginning of March. Although she is following a beginners program our long runs match up. Not such a loner anymore, running seems so much easier when you are having a chat along the way and now that the snow has cleared it's even better.

Anyhow have fun on your own running adventures this weekend