Monday, 2 September 2013

Vegetarian backlash

I've been noticing a very interesting phenomenon in the last few months. A LOT of people are hating on vegetarians.

It really annoys me. A lot of it coming from former veggies annoys me even more. Vegetarianism isn't a fad diet to me. I don't eat meat, not because I think meat is unhealthy (in moderation), for me it's a ethical choice....not one I try to force on other people. 
Suddenly people, that were vegetarians, are practically stuffing whole animals down their throats and are seemly super proud of it. I read one blog and the writer went from a raw vegan diet to eating tons of meat and putting butter in coffee to get extra fat in her diet. Is it just me or does that seem crazy? Chose an in between maybe!

 But for all that is good, back up your arguments with fact and science. Most of this obsession with diets seems to be tied up in weight loss. It's possible to be, really unhealthy with a vegetarian diet (believe me I know) or balance it really well and be healthy and lose weight. The same is true of any diet choice and in my mind a calorie deficit is why you lose weight wether its about cutting calories, fat, carbs or whatever. 
If you don't want to be vegetarian fine but don't knock it, say its unhealthy or no good for athletes unless you have some good science behind you and don't try to push the latest diet, the latest guru has invented to make money from, on me! If you are so proud of your diet great. Just leave me alone!

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