Saturday, 14 September 2013

Taper smapaper!

Week 1 of tapering on my marathon program. My miles peaked last week at 40. This week I've just polished off 29 miles. That's a big drop but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe I've got another bug or maybe last week is catching up on me!

My long run today was 12 miles (as compared to 20 last week) taking just under 2 hours. I did it early and enjoyed beautiful sunny skies, lower temperatures and a breeze, aka perfect running weather. As per tapering advise I read somewhere(?) I avoided any major hills on my long run and ran along the river.
The run went well. Usual nutrition with no major problems. Even better, no snakes today!

Mucho tired now much more so than last week. It's game day here in Columbia (USC Gamecocks versus Vanderbilt). With a house near the stadium and lots of tailgating going on in the neighborhood I don't think a nap is on the cards.

One bonus tho is the yummy food I get to have on long run days.... Lunch was a fresh baguette, Brie and cranberry preserve with some tea and almonds, D-E-LIOUS. Not the healthiest but I eat pretty good 80% of the time. Next week the food might have to be reined back in a little as I'm only due to run 22 miles total.
Speaking of food, I'm currently on week 4 of Weight Watchers maintenance and doing good. After week 6 if I'm within 2lbs of goal, I get to go and weigh in, etc for free. Inconveniently the 6th week falls on marathon weekend. I'm not weighing in early...hello carb loading. Maybe I'll weigh in late or skip a week. But it would be cool, lifetime membership and a marathon in one weekend, how life has changed in the last few years.

I haven't experienced taper madness, I don't have time :) Maybe next week, I'm prepared to fill my normal running hours with some inspirational running books.

I am getting excited for the race tho. I've started print out all the needed info, my gear is picked out and I've booked a day off work (expo is on Friday, race Saturday). I've seen chatter on Facebook that some Columbia runners are pacers for the race so maybe I'll finally get some info or a foot in the door with some running clubs here. Best of all two of my work buddies and their other halves are taking the time and money (means a lot for students) to come up to Asheville for the weekend to cheer me on. If I see everyone and my puppy at the finish I might just cry! 

Next week: Tuesday 4 miles, Wednesday 6 miles, Thursday 4 miles , Saturday 8 miles and finally Sunday cross train.

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