Saturday, 7 September 2013

Peak Training Week-Overcoming Boredom

This week has been the peak of my training in terms of mileage and the length of my long run today. Most of my runs went well this week. I've been getting a bit bored on my runs....even a 5 mile run seems long, not physically but mentally.
I was dreading my 20 mile long run all week long because of this, but I had to suck it up and do it. I ate some white bread and jam (jelly) about 2 hours before I ran.

 On the run I tried a few things to mix it up mentally.

1) I turned off the same old music I've been listening to for weeks and put an audiobook on my ipod. Maybe not the best if you are wanting to run fast but this was a long slow run. *For the marathon I'm going to buy a load of new music*

2) I ran through parts of the city I've never been to or ran through.

I started a bit later than I wanted to (8 versus 7am) as my nervousness had me running to the bathroom a few times. I only have to think long run now and I'm off! In good news this meant that my stomach was good throughout the that looks good for the marathon.
Running around different areas and being caught up in looking around meant that 10 miles went by very quickly. I was running on quiet roads without sidewalks, normally in a race I'd run in the middle of the road but I had to stick to the side this time (gotta hate that traffic). By the time I was done the first 10 miles my left ankle was pretty tender from running on a sideways slope. However, where I was running was super pretty (around a lake) and shaded so that made up for some aches.

At this point I have to admit I took a 5-10 minute break. I ran into Whole foods to use their bathrooms and fill up my now empty water bottles, but they were cleaning the ladies. This being my only bathroom option for around 5 miles I just went with it. I got a bottle of water and a bonk bar (? hilarious name) and ate outside..a quick pee later and I was off again.

I headed to the other side of the city (towards home) on one of the bigger main roads, still on new roads. Unfortunately, not shaded or as pretty as earlier but  with less chance of getting lost. For the most part the sidewalks were still slanted especially as I crossed driveways, every single one hurt. As I got back to my regular haunts closer to home the sidewalks levelled off and my ankle felt more normal. I tried to pick up the pace here as I'd ran most of the run a bit slower than I would normally.

As boring as endurance running can be sometimes I think my body quite enjoys it because I felt better and more hyped up as the run went on. By the last 2 miles I was fist pumping (well mini ones) to the music I put on after my audiobook finished. Maybe a bit of runners high?

20.1 miles in 3 hours 25.
On a side note I've signed up with a pacing group for the race. A 4 hour 30 group, a bit slower than I'd like but perhaps realistic considering I don't know how the first half of the course will be and i know there are hills on the second half. Besides its my first marathon, I wanna enjoy it. More room for a PR later :)

I took some chances with food today...a new bar mid-run (crazy), I wanted something to chew that wasn't Sports Beans (I'm getting a bit sick of them) and I get hungry after a couple of hours. Also as my bottles emptied around 3 miles from home, some kind of mania hit me and I bought some orange juice and drank a ton of it. It seems my stomach will put up with a lot when I'm running. Its what I eat before that seems to be my issue! I'll eventually figure it out.
I'm relieved to have made it this far in my training! I've had 2/3 bad weeks where looking back I've had viruses or some other bug but I've had no ongoing injuries and I'm not too tired (if I head to bed earlier than normal). Now I have two weeks of tapering to look forward to before the big day!

Some Pictures from this week:

Can anyone say nosey neighbor?

Lots of hills this week!

First drive in movie

Took me a second to figure this one out!

Locked and loaded

More art pieces

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