Saturday, 21 September 2013

Is this taper madness?

1 week to D-Day. This time next week I'll (finger crossed) be finished my first marathon. I'm starting to feel extremely nervous.
 All sorts of problems pop into my head. Not just about running. I'm feeling a lot of work stress this week, something I haven't felt in a long while, all of which has resulted in very bad sleep with weird weird dreams! Including one were I'm an hour away from the marathon start line, when I realize I'm also an hour late for the race!
On the running front it's been lovely having shorter runs. They feel refreshing rather than draining. My legs feel great on these, it's been hard to hold back on the pace. Most have been faster than race pace, ekk. But my race pace is a full minute slower than what I consider comfortable now #playingitsafe
No major aches...a few small ones that I haven't felt in months but I'm told this is my body recovering and healing...perfectly normal. 
My last weekend run is today, I'm hoping the 8 miles will help settle my nerves. Then it's cross training tomorrow. I finish off with 4 miles Tuesday, 2 Wednesday and that's it til the race on Saturday. Weight watchers tomorrow and then I'll slowly ramp up my carb intake. 

Cross your fingers, pray for me, or  whatever but I'll need all the help I can get!!

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