Monday, 23 September 2013

Ahhhh and carb loading

The ahhh is the sheer panic and excitement, swirling around and around in my head. Just got that email to help runners prepare for Saturday and my stomach might have flipped.
Speaking of my stomach.....
I lost just over 1lbs at weight watchers last week, despite eating everything in sight. I put this down to the fact that I only ate when I genuinely felt hungry, so I needed the food. I wasn't aiming to lose anything, in fact it kinda worries me how many calories my body can gobble up, how will it be when I'm back to a semi couch potato status. I wonder if I would have lost more weight throughout training if I'd ate more. I don't think I was under eating, but last week makes me wonder! 

No worries on that front this week carb loading ahoy. Lots of white rice, bagels and pasta. I'm not sure whether to aim for more food, that's mostly carbs, or to just increase the percentage of carbs in my diet. I think I'll aim to eat a bit more but not stuff myself like a pig, I don't want to arrive at the race start bloated and feeling gross. I'm also planning to minimize my dairy intake for 48 hours before the race to hopefully prevent any of the stomach problems I've had from time to time.

The only thing I'm worried about now is my start corral. Last week I moved myself up to a 4:30 finishing time so I could run with my pacing group. Originally I think I had said I'd finish closer to 5 hours, which would have simply been an excuse for me to walk when I get tired. Now I'm just hoping I did it before they printed the bibs/finalized the corrals. Not too much I can do about it now!

In order to prepare I've also been foam rolling and stretching (including yoga class on Sunday). I'm still getting a few aches and I almost wish I'd booked a last massage this week (instead of 2 weeks ago) but I don't want to risk upsetting anything.

My obsessive preparation has involved getting the car serviced (for the 2.5 hour drive there) and getting my puppy a new leash (to replace his grubby old one). Every aspect of this is going ahead with best foot, wheel and paw forward!

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  1. Mmmmm, carbs! Foam rolling is something I hate and love at the same time. It hurts so good.