Monday, 26 August 2013

Unlucky 13..week 13!

Contrary to my title this week has not been unlucky at all!
I completed my 18 mile run last Saturday (2 hours 59) and now I only have what I am calling one long long run left (a 20 miler in week 15). It was nice and cool on Saturday, I took even greater advantage of that and ran in the morning for once.
Only 2 bathroom stops (success if you are me!) and I felt pretty good up until the last 2-3 miles when I started to get really hungry and tired. Lots of food and a 2 hour nap revived me and I was ready to go for the rest of the day. Recovered muscle soreness!
I also treated myself to a new laptop. Yes very extravagant and only for the great back to school discounts I probably wouldn't have been able to get it. My poor old mac has seen me through 4 years of a Ph.D and 3 years of work. I've split Cola on it, I've dropped it onto asphalt from a height and it pulled through. Its still trooping on, but with no battery and it slowing down, it wasn't really cutting it for work, it was time to put it out to pasture.  

Couple of things I'm finding towards the end of my training especially with the higher weekly mileage:
I can eat more and still lose a small amount of weight (even tho I'm now trying to maintain)

I need to eat more because I could probably eat enough for 3 people right now, I'm so hungry all the time.

I really don't care anymore what anyone thinks of me in my running gear; a) I'm working hard toward a goal, b) I'm usually too tired to care and c) my legs are looking better than ever (not so lumpy and bumpy). I fit into a size 2 the other day (6 in the UK and Ireland), I'm not sure I've been that size since I was 6! 

You def gain muscle; even if you only lose a modest amount of weight, you probably have lost more fat than you think. I got tested at a student enrolment event recently and even though I've only lost 4/5 lbs that has translated to 5% of my body fat, yipee!

I won't be able to manage the hills on the marathon course.

I'll have to go to a port-a-potty every mile when racing and lose lots of time.

That even if I finish the marathon it won't be good enough for me, I'll compare times to everyone I know and I'll be the slowest. Tied to that, I'll have completed a marathon and still not feel like a real runner because I haven't ran a Boston qualifier or something crazy like that, lol.

Afterwards, I'm afraid I won't want to run for ages.. that I'll lose fitness and gain weight! 

All stupid I know but I have to acknowledge my fears to address them. Some of them I can do very little about but for others it'll be easy enough to figure a way to subdue them e.g. I'm gonna sign up for a half after the marathon. A long enough time away to let me recover and start to run again but not so long that I lose a lot of fitness. The goal of having a race will keep me running.

Anyone else have worries about the build up to a big race?

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