Sunday, 11 August 2013

Surprisingly hot!

So Columbia, SC marathon's motto is Famously Hot, Surprising Cool...Columbia right now is not so much surprisingly cool, more like surprisingly HOT, and I don't mean the people!

I did my long run on Saturday right after mid-day..stupid I know. It was 35 degrees Celsius, feeling like 38.  I had no choice. I took of and went to the riverwalk a long section of paved shaded trails along the river. I deliberately chose this despite the lack of hills to protect myself from the beaming sun. I've had some issues with dehydration and overheating before, so this was about swallowing my pride and looking after myself so I could go the distance. I set off with 2 packets of Sports beans, 12oz of water, 12oz of Ultima Replenisher and my credit card. 
I had 16 miles to finish, my Nike+ app is stuck in km so that comes out at a nice 25.8 km. Every 5km or so (the length of the trail) I'd take a very quick 30 second break and a large drink. After every 10km a longer break. At these breaks I hit the restroom, put my head under the tap and soak my shirt and headband in water. I even left the trail and made good use of my credit card to hit up a local gas station for some water that was actually cold.

 **seriously guiltily moment but I also got a bottle of coca cola, partially cause I had fantasies about one for well over an hour and partially because I " thought" I needed some extra sugar. I was so hot that the cola gave me brain freeze, sadly fantasy and reality once again don't quite match :) **

All of this made for a long time running. Considering the heat and the fact that I missed lunch to run I actually felt pretty strong. Yes I was exhausted after 16 miles, but I hadn't run more than 6 for a long time less, than 12 weeks ago, so that's to be expected. I also wasn't too sore afterwards! I guess the extra effort in the hydration and cooling departments helped. 16 miles = 2 hours 56 minutes. 

Really considered joining the people tubing down the river!! Roll on Fall and cooler temperatures.

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