Thursday, 8 August 2013


Claw hand is fighting a valiant fight but its no match for me. Slowly with anti-inflammatories I'm getting better. First the terrible pain I was in on Tuesday, when I last blogged, receded and now the numb tingly sensation is slowly going away. It's still there, irritating but no longer painful most of the time.
I suppose I can't call it claw hand all the time, can I. 

The technical term is Ulnar nerve compression. This nerve runs from your neck down your arm, through the wrist and into the hand. It can become compressed or damaged at several points; neck, elbow or wrist. For people who have this as a long term condition it's known as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome ( These people have my undying sympathy. 

It starts in the pinkie and or ring finger as a numb sensation. It can become painful with pain traveling up the arm and like I experienced you can lose muscle strength in the hands especially when trying to grip or hold something. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome often steroid injections or surgery have to be undergone.
In Athletes this condition is most often seen in cyclists and throwers because of the movements or positioning of the arms that these sports require. No idea, other than tension or bad posture, how I got it then! I think I might be a little prone to it as I infrequently get a weird numbness in my right pinkie finger. I chalked that up to having a case of arthritis to look forward to in the future, I guess that's not so.
Besides the aforementioned drugs, I'm trying to practice better posture at my computer. Especially not leaning on a hard desktop with my elbows. Running with my shoulders and hands soft. I would rest completely but I feel like I'm starting to hit the peak of my training. 15 miles last Saturday, 16 this weekend and from there on step back and longer weeks alternate until the marathon. If I sit these runs out I'm not sure I'd be able to complete the marathon, especially as the novice program is designed to just get me to the finish of a normal marathon, never mind one with tons of hills. I've been running slow with minimal hills trying to keep myself relaxed, I feel like that's compromise enough for now unless my recovery halts or I get worst!
There are a ton of neuropathies associated with the arms or hands so don't rely my little old blog for advise I'm just sharing my experience, go see your doctor if you think something is wrong!

Four easy miles tonight..the temperatures have been a tiny bit cooler the last two nights despite hot days so that's made for some nice running. As frequently happens I got trapped by a train for a good 10 minutes only a mile from home.

Side note: my puppy got neutered the other day, does he not look too cute in his cone. He's in recovery too!!

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