Sunday, 11 August 2013

Losing weight or changing shape?

So for starters my hands are better, yay! I woke up on Saturday and it felt like the day after a bad know what I mean, the world is all bright and shiny and you are no longer in pain!

My weekend started out with the usual weight watchers weight in....I didn't make my lifetime goal. As I didn't bring my old weight watchers info from Ireland they couldn't count my previous weight loss. That meant they moved my goal a pound lower without informing me, so that as per WW rules for lifetime membership, I will have lost 5lbs here! 0.8 to go, fingers crossed for next week. 

Anyway I actually exceeded my original goal of 140 by 0.2lbs so I KNOW I did it. I can also see changes in my workmates keep telling me my arms look 'jacked?' An expression I'd never heard before and I guess my lower legs are following along. That means I'm not only losing weight but gaining really I've probably lost more fat than I think. 

 A word of advise for anyone trying to lose weight..take your measurements (noting exactly where you measured). Sometimes it can be a great reminder on weeks when you don't lose any weight that your body is changing regardless of what the scales say. I took some measurements at the start of marathon training, then a couple of weeks ago at the half way point I broke out the tape again. 

Man, I'm changing shape weirdly. I lost 1/2 inch off my arms yay! 1 inch from my hips. AND wait for it, I've gained an inch on my thighs and 1/2 an inch on my calves.  It can only be muscle but to put an inch on each thigh but lose off the hips that's funny. No shifting my pudge as I call it (belly) but usually that's the last thing to change for me. I've really noticed the biggest change in the last 2-3 weeks, I'm putting that down to the number of miles I'm running per week. My mileage came in at 31 miles this week, barely respectable for even a novice runner at marathon I know why runners are so tiny! Now if only there was a way to be taller! Back to the lab it is!

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