Sunday, 18 August 2013

Good bye twenties!!

My Saturday started off early. I start running at 6:30am in the dark. I ran the 2 miles to work as a warm up and used my card access to nip to the restroom and stash my reflective vest in the lab. 

I ran around for 12 miles with no particular route in mind splashing through puddles and getting drizzled on the whole time. What a way to wake up!! 
I didn't mind the rain though, it was quite nice especially since we are still in the midst of a cold front right now (good running weather). The only thing I didn't like was the wet feet and the idea that my nice   Newish trainers were getting soaked. They are now truly broken in.

Honestly my mind wasn't really on the run. I had a busy day ahead with a tight schedule to stick to. So I just wanted the run over and done. 1 hour 51 minutes later and 12 miles were completed.

 I literally ran into the house, had the fastest shower ever and 15 mins later I was back out the door to the vet. Boomer, my puppy, finally got his stitches more cone of shame.
After that weight watchers where I finally hit GOAL!! Woohoo. Home again and 4 hours after I got up, I finally got some food. Then I went for a nice massage which my BFF got me for my upcoming birthday.   This is my second time going to the same masseur and it makes a difference..she seems hell bent on getting rid of the tension in my upper back.

After lunch I headed home and got ready for my birthday party, yes woe is me, I'm thirty this week. A bunch of work people and friends came over for a BBQ in my backyard. I drank entirely too much but had a great night. It's been a quiet day in my house. Lots of people and other dogs means the puppy has been blessedly tired all day so I get a chance to recover. I skipped my cross-training today but I'll complete it tomorrow instead. For now I might have another nap...I am getting older after all!

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