Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Claw hand

So in case anyone's noticed I haven't blogged in a while. I have been struck with a case of claw hand. I ran my long run on Saturday, 15 miles. It went really well so much better than the 13.1 in Asheville a few weeks ago ( will do a full update later). 
My backs been tight and sore since doing 2 ten hour car rides 2 weeks ago, to Fl and back. I got a massage on Saturday morning. The poor masseuse managed to get 70+% of the knots out but not them all.
 I went out and ran that evening for 2 hours and 30 mins. The tightness meant I held myself quite rigid in my shoulders and arms when running and I managed to inflame/irritate a nerve(s) that goes to my hands. It started with my pinkie and ring fingers, first they were numb/tingly on my left hand on Sunday and then on Monday it was my right.
Liberal use of ibuprofen and ice tricked me into thinking it was ok while at work today, but I let the ibuprofen wear off so I could do my 4 mile run tonight. I now have some weird pain everywhere in both hands. So much so that getting undressed required help (yes humiliating!). I have next to no grip and it hurts to really try too hard to grab and hold something. I still ran but super slow concentrating on keeping my shoulders loose. Ice, ibuprofen and back massages are the order of the day until the problem gives in ( I'm way more stubborn).
Feeling a bit down and sorry for myself but chin up. More stuff has happened to me training for this marathon than any other race, I guess its all the extra pounding those miles do to your body, but I'm not normally so drama laden. Typing hurts so I'm gonna sign off but I haven't forgotten my blog :) will update soon!

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