Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Beautiful Night

Looking back I find it oh so hard to believe that at the beginning of my marathon training I'd get up to go for a run in the morning and be cold as soon as I walked out the door. Well that was when I was still foolish enough to think I could make myself run before 7am.

Delusions gone, I now run as close to darkness as my distance for a particular day will allow. The last few weeks have been sweltering! Not so tonight. It was a balmy 24C (75F), a full 10 degrees cooler than my run last Saturday, with a nice breeze. 24C would probably be considered a heat wave (or close to) back in Ireland; after a few days of enjoying the sun everyone would be complaining about the heat. Little do they know! 

Well tonight, after needing a couple of miles to loosen up, I practically skipped along the pavement. There was no complaining. Those nice cold drinks that are normally a stop gap in my march towards death were really refreshing and I enjoyed them instead of slugging them down in desperation. And instead of dripping sweat I had a nice sheen, about as attractive as sweat gets.

I looked down at my phone at 9km and realized I'd run a nice enough pace for the distance I was doing and pushed a teensy bit for next km to shave 3 mins 8 secs off my best 10k pace. Without really trying...bam!!!  There is hope for me yet. I'm still a snail but this snail is slowly getting faster. I don't care if it was the temperature drop or the fact that I'm feeling better, it's still a sign of improving fitness. 

I finished up my remaining miles to finish at 8 miles in 1:14:23.

P.S runners are awesome. The number of nods, smiles and hellos I get from fellow runners outnumber those from others 100 to 1. I guess we feel each others joy and pain. Not to say non-runners aren't awesome too I've got really nice comments shouted at me (not the dirty kind) and random high fives.

P.P.S no snakes tonight yay, just a toad and lots of cicadas exoskeletons on wildlife watch

P.P.P.S I know I must come of as quite bipolar, down one day, way up the next but I figure if you don't revel in the good runs you'd never keep it up!!

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  1. I'm like that too! One bad run and I'm a monster--one good run and I'm on top of the world. Nice job on your run!