Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Fun Part of the Weekend

After my disastrous half-marathon run, on Sunday, my self and my best friend headed to do some sightseeing in this beautiful part of North Carolina. We left Asheville and headed South-East on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We drove for over an hour taking in some of the most beautiful scenery you could ask for.

We drove as far as a viewing stop called Exhibit. Across the road from here was a small trail head, a 20 min moderate hike later and you arrive at Skinny Dip Falls. People were jumping in at parts but it looked too dangerous for me.

We had fun on the hike and the puppy certainly enjoyed getting mucky!
After hiking to the car we doubled back on the Blue Ridge Parkway until we hit the 276 which took us towards Psigah Forest. I was super excited to go as the Hunger Games had been filmed around here and DuPont State Park, FYI I'm a huge Hunger Games fan. We drove along the road stopping at a few places that were well marked. First stop Sliding Rock. This is a waterfall I guess but it's not very steep. It runs over rocks smoothed by years of running water. The waterfall drops into an 8ft deep plunge pool. The rocks are so smooth you can use the waterfall as a natural rock slide. Like the big kid I am I had to try it.

From too hot to freezing...the water was certainly cold....but it was less noticeable after the first plunge.
Then we stopped at Looking Glass Falls, so pretty!
Right when I finished snapping some pictures the heavens opened and the rain began. We sprinted back to the car but there is no avoiding that sort of rain, we were soaked to the bone. A quick change and we were on the hunt for a very late lunch....pizza what a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately the thunderstorms had set in so we decided to go back to Columbia. I had really wanted to hike to some more waterfalls in DuPont Forest but that wasn't going to happen.
Next time I plan specifically for that but I think I'll keep coming back to this area again and again because it so beautiful.

Off to Florida tomorrow.

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