Sunday, 28 July 2013

So Florida

I was in Florida for 4 days for work this week. Two of us went down and we drove to save much needed research funds. Driving down on Wednesday meant that all my runs were better done in the morning. I did that, I can't say I enjoyed it but its good practice for races.
I ran 7 miles on Wednesday morning and was back at my house, showered and eating breakfast when my lab mate showed up in her gorgeous SUV for the long drive.
We chatted the hours away and made a few stops. 
Pad Thai for lunch
Before we knew it we were in Jupiter. Meeting up with our boss and collaborator we headed out for dinner (Italian).
The next morning I was up early for a nice easy run, my lab mate and the fledgling runner headed out with me for 4 miles. Boy was I glad we went out in the morning..cause it was scorching hot. Our hotel was a block from the beach and we ran along the sand for the first mile. 
With heavy legs we moved up to the sidewalk that runs along the top of the beach. It was really designed for sports around this area with lots of water stops, showers and parking. All of which were put into good use by the 50+ year olds that were in better shape than me, oh the shame!
My knee was sore at the end despite the shortness of the run, I figure it was due to a slope on the beach. 
The next day was a rest day and I took full advantage laying out on the beach and swimming after work was done!

That night I had the best food ever, some spicy and sweet mix. I ate almost every bite.. I was so full.

The next day was a ten miler (yay for step back weeks). I did the first five by myself running around town.
For the next five miles my temporary roomie came out with me. This was a real pick me up for me. The first two miles went well but she struggled after that.....neither of us slept very well for the three nights. I think she was dehydrated and feeling much like I was last week! We did walk/run intervals to make it back to the hotel on time for breakfast. Some super fast showering and some breakfast and we were back on the road. It was like the day from hell after that. We were all talked out, my monthly visitor arrived and we drove through awful thunderstorms most of the way up the coast of Florida. I thought I'd never get home. By the time we got back I was exhausted and my back was in pieces.

But my baby Boomer was so happy to see me, after our longest separation yet, he heart melted a little.
I'm being lazy today and not cross-training, sore back and tiredness, enough said.

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