Sunday, 7 July 2013

Saturday Long Run!

After a lovely breakfast (called Hangover Hashbrowns) I felt properly fueled to head out for my long run for this week (7 miles). However, that became tricker and tricker as the day progressed. We've been having one thunderstorm after another this week and Saturday was no exception. While I might not mind getting soaked when out for 30 mins or so, an hour + of running in the rain is just miserable.
Eventually after snacking all day (trying to stay fueled without a full belly) I had to either get wet or miss out on the run. Wet it was!
I ran all over the city trying to take in lots of hills. I started out slowly and ran a little faster after I'd warmed up. I fear I might be turning into one of those runners that ends up running everything at the same pace. Anything over 10 mins per mile seems unbearably slow and anything faster unbearably fast :) and no matter what I do my average pace seems to hover around that point. I'm obviously capable of going a lot faster so I think I'll have to set a faster pace for shorter runs and stick to it no matter how much it sucks.

Columbia is not the most cosmopolitan of cities but it has its own charm. One of my favorite things is the abundance of old red brick buildings. I'm not a huge architecture buff but I can see a lot of these buildings are perfect for development into cafes, high-end apartments, shops etc. I think it's such a shame to see 90% of them lay empty or half-assedly restored when they could add so much to the city......when I win the lottery they can be my investments. Sorry rant over.
I got lucky and only got rained on towards the end of the run and by then I was soaked in sweat anyhow. 7 miles completed in 1 hour 9 mins. Swimming today for cross-training. Oh I get to show off my lovely sunburn. People might mistake me for an oversized lobster.
Anyhow, I hope you're having a great weekend!

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