Sunday, 14 July 2013

Longest Run & Cupcakes

This week has been hard and good in equal measure. I ran my fastest 5k on Tuesday, ran a pretty long run with a lot of hills on Wednesday and did my longest ever run on Saturday.

I've decided shorter runs are going to be fast and longer ones slower with hills. So I followed that formula this week. 

I've been doing well with weight loss another pound this week. 1.4 lbs to get to goal. My strategy for balancing running and diet has been to eat a lot more at the weekend to accommodate the long run, fueling and recovering, and to stick to less during the week. I have been trying to make conscious decisions to eat the extra food in a smarter way, clean eating I guess you could say.
 My fruit bowl after a trip to the supermarket.
I've been eating a lot of fruit and nuts. There have been the occasional high calorie treats e.g. My Saturday morning breakfast, a "Breakfast Burrito".
My best friends birthday is today, happy birthday, and besides lunch out we're sharing these bad boys today, no I didn't buy the giant one!

Although the all chocolate one looks quite plain it's been the most delicious thing I've had in months, half of that was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth! I'll have to be super good for the rest of the week.

So did I mention I ran 12 miles...12 miles crazy! I guess every weekend will be my longest run ever from now on. I'm not sure if that's awesome or awful. Gearing up for those long runs takes a lot of mental effort but at the same time the sense of achievement is great. 2 full hours of running is what it took, many ounces of water and Ultima and two packets of Sports Beans.
I try to take the time to enjoy the sights along the way.
It was exhausting. By the time I was done my knee was killing me, my stomach was upset and I had chaffing in areas that I never had before, but I'm pretty sure I finished with a smile on my face. It's worth finishing the workout. Right now I stop my timer waiting at lights and for example I went into a store to buy some water. I'm not sure if that'll make running in the marathon harder without those little breaks. What do you guys do, time the whole run?

For cross-training this week I tried out a bickram yoga class with some friends. The room was heated to 90F. As yoga goes its not my cup of tea. The heat didn't bother me, although I sweated to the tune of 1.5 lbs. Maybe it was the instructor or the style of yoga but I found the whole thing quite rushed. I had only managed to get hold of the relevant slippery appendage when the class was moving on. Not exactly my best yoga practice. Did I feel like I got a workout? Yes. A good stretch? No. But it's always worth trying something new!

So I command you try something new this week :)

Coming up next week, my spectacular attempt at half-marathon distance, think of me, I'll need any help I can get.


  1. Awesome job on the 12 miles!!!! The long runs will become easier as you do more. I usually carry some energy gel for any runs over 8 miles. Eventually, you'll get to the point where the long run's done before you know it!! :) (it will!)

  2. Try running your long runs at a slower pace. You don't want to be exhausted after you finish... you want to feel like you could have gone farther. I use the Galloway run/walk method and it works beautifully. I am usually passing lots of people at the end and running faster. Just a thought to maybe try for some of your longest runs! Good luck ... you are doing great!