Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Half-way there & some weight loss!

So half-way there eh! What's changed? 
Well me for a start. Running makes me a happier person. I don't stress as much, I usually sleep better and meeting goals never fails to make me feel good.
Specifically for marathon training I've run 173.5 miles and spent 28 hours 8 minutes and 52 seconds doing it so far. Oh and I've also lost a few pounds (4/5)! 

I'm pretty sure, fingers and toes crossed, that I might hit my goal weight at weight watchers this week. I've spent many years struggling with my weight and at my heaviest I was tipping the scales at just over two hundred pounds. This was making me feel like sh*t as I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. The bigger you are the worst the symtoms. Unfortunately PCOS helps weight gain and makes the fat wanna stick just that bit more. BUT it was a wake up call that I needed.

I was so determined I wouldn't have been too out of place on the Biggest Loser! I worked, at the time 10+ hour days finishing my Ph.D, spent 3+hours a night in the gym and was a fiend about what I ate. I lost a lot of weight and got within 3lbs of goal before starting a new job and moving. 

I can hear you, no I didn't put all the weight back on...I kept it all of for a long time, thanks to learning so much about food along the way and running. I put a bit back on in the last year or two...not too much but it's at this point I want to catch it and reel it back in!

If anything it's more of a struggle this time...it's easier, well not easier but weigh drops off faster when you are bigger. I never got that initial surge of weight lost to make me feel amazing or to spur me on this time. I don't look different. Lastly getting older sucks and also has a role to play. Marathon training helps.

But this time I'm sticking to it to the bitter end, it taken a shockingly long time to lose 20 pounds, but who cares. I'm eating more in moderation and getting fitter. Just a refresher course to keep me on track.
My goal weigh is 140lbs.....not very light but healthy at 5'4. I have a kinda stocky chesty build so I figure about 10lbs is at least pure boobs lol. Maybe once I've reached and maintained that goal, I might aim to lose another 7 but that's the limit for me..I'm not a person who would look good at the 120lbs I've heard some of my friends want to be. I'd rather be heavier and have some muscle :)

 Anyways this was meant to be a quick update but I guess I'm excited to weigh in on Saturday, keep those fingers crossed.

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