Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fastest 5k!

Slow poke be gone. 5k in 25.09 my fastest ever time. 
Running faster is not my biggest priority right now but it does feel nice to see the times inch downwards as I get fitter.
Slowly will get me through my marathon and I'm sure getting to the end will be only possible through some serious prayer, especially in the mountains around Asheville but I'm thinking of future races too! 

 To be faster you gotta run fast. 

Any tips you guys wanna share?

On a related but separate side note I've managed to lose a pound a week for the last two weeks at Weight Watchers. 2.4 lbs to goal. Every pound lost also helps with speed. Fingers crossed the downward trend continues and I can then work on maintaining my weight!

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  1. Congrats!

    To run faster, never run at one constant pace. Throw in some fartleks and intervals. Always sprint the last block of a run at least. Finish the run on a high note.