Tuesday, 2 July 2013


My half marathon in Fort Bragg, NC has been cancelled. I was worried about the organization of it and it seems I was right to be. They don't have enough medical personnel to cover the event. Would that not be one of the first things you check BEFORE letting people register.
I know I seem really mad but I'm not. I feel bad for the organizer, it's probably a nightmare for them but there's a reason not every Joe Soap goes out and organizes a race. A well organized race can be a great event and a day out, a poor one leaves you wondering why you bothered, so maybe it was for the best.
Bigger events are a logistical nightmare but when you factor out parking and finding everyone afterwards, running with a larger crowd can have such a good  buzz. This race fit in PERFECTLY with my training schedule but maybe I should just go with slightly bigger races from now on to avoid disappointment.

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