Saturday, 8 June 2013

Who likes short shorts, my addiction to running gear

Its been quite the transition to switch from 3/4 or full length running tights to shorts...and by shorts I mean short shorts. Its taken a very large effort to push aside any thought of what anyone might think of my legs. I'm constantly bruised, covered in insect bites (which are huge since I'm allergic to them), I have stretch marks from loosing weight, I don't think they are very slim....this list could go on forever. 
But who cares, who actually gets to look at my legs for that long when I run. No one and if they look that hard they are pretty sleazy. The weather here necessitates them and I'll never have nice tanned legs if I don't take the plunge at some stage and step into some shorts.  So screw it I'll wear short shorts!!!

This is not helping my addiction to buying sports gear however. Its simply added another item for me to buy. I went to Dicks and bought quite a few pairs last week. As you can see I have enough gear to cover a Queen sized bed. 

A lot of these are some t-shirts I've gotten for races I've run. I plan to try hold onto all of them I can even when they've been worn out as a reminder that I've achieved things before that I didn't think possible. I've included a pic of some of my essentials. A ifitness belt (with slots to hold bottles), an ipod shuffle, Garmin watch and sunglasses of course (in my case prescription).

I also found these awesome little t-shirt scrunchies to hold up the sleeves of my old t-shirts which will stop me getting a farmers tan as we'd say in Ireland (tan lines). 

For a lot of my runs I also take my phone for safety..sometimes instead of my garmin and shuffle as I have a ton of run tracking apps on there. At the moment I'm going with Nike+ which is easy to use. Hopefully at some stage it'll stop being about the gear and I'll eventually just look like a runner!

7 mile run later today....update later!

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