Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Round up

Tuesday 3 miles- check
Wednesday 5 miles with hills- check
Thursday 3 miles-check
Saturday 10 miles- check
Today cross-training (yoga)- check

Busy week or what!

Running this week had been a bit of a mixed bag. I'm finding the shorter runs for the most part easy but for the first time I was properly worn out at the end of my long run.

Thursday was really hot, which I can deal with, but also super humid; it felt like breathing through a thick cloth. I was soo hot and sweaty by the end of the run I took a little dip in the river. Puppy thought about joining me but this part was pretty deep. While he might dip his paws in he isn't quite ready for his first full swim.

This week for my long run I equaled my longest ever distance, 10 miles. The last time I ran that far was for a race in Dublin, the one that screwed my IT band up.
I headed out the door with no idea of where I was going to run. A snap decision later and I was off to a section of the riverwalk this side of Columbia. The road there is moderately hilly. So I figured a hilly run there, a nice flat section at the riverwalk and a hilly run back would make for a nice workout. 

I ran the 5k up to the park easy enough only stopping for traffic lights. A urgent pit stop left me thankful I'd incorporated the park (and its restrooms, TMI I know) into my route.

 Feeling better I ran alongside the canal on a nice flat paved pathway. I was completely tuned out most of the time thinking of random things, when I looked up and realized I was about a foot away from stepping on a large snake. I jumped, screamed like a girl, the snake reared back to bite; I maneuvered mid-air (a feat only possible with fear) and ran off like a maniac. Don't worry it was only a water snake, it's orange underbelly let me googleify (aka identify by google) easily. Non-venomous but I'm sure a bite or two would have still hurt like hell. Sorry but I wasn't stopping to take any pictures.

After that I finished my riverwalk section and headed home. I took a packet of Lemon and Lime flavored Sports beans after an hour with lots of water. Before that I was drinking my usual Ultima drink. Heading back having done 7 out of 10 of the miles my legs were quite heavy and the last mile they were absolutely beat. It's the first time in a long time that it was actual physical fatigue that took over and not just my head being a lazy git.

Guys read no further:
I'm pretty sure this can be blamed on a lovely monthly visitor which arrived about 2 hours before my run. How on earth do professional athletes race on those days. Besides tiredness,my back felt like it'd been beaten into submission. Lets hoping race weekend does not coincide with this curse. 

Sorry my posts have been a bit few and far between this week. Puppy decided that laptop cables are lovely to chew on. I had a little netbook which has now been replaced with an iPad. I love it 10 times more but typing is a bit slower until I get a keyboard. 
I'm now chilling out, well as much as you can around a puppy that requires constant watching. I did a yoga class earlier while the rain beat down outside. A nice relaxing end to the weekend.

 Hope everyone is ready for the 4th of July, looking forward to my second one in the US. I've signed up for a 4 mile race (Born in the USA) that morning, wish me luck!!

In store next week:
Tuesday       3 miles
Wednesday  5 miles
Thursday      3 miles
Saturday       7 miles (2nd step back week yay)
Sunday         Cross-train

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