Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 2 Long Run and a Creepy Park

So with my mad skin calming back down, I was determined to get my long run done hell or high water.  I spent most of the day avoiding it by going shopping, having lunch etc. Once evening rolled around I knew there was no getting out of it.
Trying to go different places to do a long run without driving too far has left me scratching my head at times, especially on weekends when I'm not leaving Columbia. Yesterday I decided on Saluda Shoals Park. This park runs along a portion of the Saluda River in Irmo, I'd been to the conference centre before but never actually got to see any of the park.
NOT impressed, the person at the gate taking the parking fee was so rude and gave me no information, he didn't even offer a map! Driving around a one way system like a loon I finally found somewhere to stop. None of the trails were marked (paved or unpaved) but thanks to the wonders of an online map and gps, I found my way to what was on the map as the Greenway Trail. This looked pretty long so I thought I'd give it a go. Turns out it was less than 3 miles long so I ended up going to the end and back twice.
The trail ran along the river and there where areas where you could walk in towards the river and have a seat..being a good little runner I didn't do this so I ended up running on a paved trail that could have been just about anywhere.
The trail was also eerily empty, most of the parks in Columbia are full of people at the weekend. I probably met about 5 people in the hour and twenty minutes I was running. The only places that were busy were one or two grill areas (with loud music) and the water park (which looked like loads of fun). I also seen some people with kayaks so it seems like this is the place to go if you wanna paddle down the river, have kids or wanna party outdoors.
Regardless of being slightly creeped out, especially once the fog started rolling in, I struggled on. I was doing nicely until I hit about 4 miles. My right knee seized and brought me to an involuntary halt a few times. I stretched, I massaged my leg and eventually just had to grit my teeth and get on with it if I wanted to finish the run.
I had to use some serious ninja mind tricks on can walk when you run another 500m, now 1000m, on and on until eventually it loosened back up by itself. Until that happend I might as well have been climbing Mount Everest. I think I averaged around 2 mins a mile slower for the next two miles because of it and it was fairly sore for the rest of the run.
Another almost serpent sighting..someone hustled a rat snake off the trail about 30 sec before I got to that part, whew!
 I did it tho I finished it, long run number two done!! I'm hoping these steroids that I'm taking, for the allergic reaction I had earlier this week, will take down an inflammation in my knee too. I'm not sure thats such good thinking but if I have to take them anyhow...they might as well work on everything.
I drove the 20 minutes home and treated myself to a large ON Chocolate Flavored Protein Shake and an ice pack to help with recovery.

**I know I said at one point I want to make more vegan choices and I already am but I have a ton of this stuff to use up...I think it'd be more of a crime to just throw it in the bin now that I've bought it. When this carton is done I'll look into vegan alternatives such as Vega**

After finishing the shake we went to Gervais and Vine for some tasty tapas..huge portions I was stuffed! Promptly fell asleep on the couch about 15 minutes after getting home, I am getting old :)

Full agenda for today. Finally finally my last paper from my old job in Ireland was accepted for publication in a scientific journal. These papers will keep my career going so its super important. Today I have to do some corrections to the manuscript before it'll be ready to be sent back to the publishers. Yay...or not so yay, I don't really wanna work on it, blog = excellent procrastination. I also have some cross-training to do today. My knee is still kinda stiff so I was thinking a swim and some yoga if I can fit it all in as well as all the usual weekend errands!
Hope you are having a good weekend.

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