Friday, 14 June 2013

Running short on sleep

You always read how if you run more you need to sleep more. I was never fully convinced of this. Sleep better yes, more maybe?
I am now fully convinced. I'm 3 weeks into my marathon training and I'm struggling a bit. Not with the miles but with everything else. I'm so tried I can't concentrate on anything.

Today is partially my own fault, I didn't run last night due to plans and storms. Instead I had a LARGE amount of wine at a friends housewarming. Bad move... my punishment is to sweat it out. But the rest of the week that's all on the running. I've been doing it in the evening and then ending up staying up late(ish) to feel like I have a life.

My goal for the next week is to manage my time better. Run in the mornings and go to bed earlier. This weekend I'll train as usual while trying to regroup with everything; food, cleaning and work...basically all the stuff I've let slide this week. 

My Thursday 3 mile run was completed tonight at a nice leisurely pace. It felt good, my legs are a little tight but nothing a good yoga session won't sort out. It's a bit weird to think of a 3 mile run as a quick jaunt in the this the start of a crazy marathon mentality? I was joined by my puppy for the last few hundred meters before we finished his walk....he is eventually (in a year or so, when he's fully grown) gonna be a running buddy for me!!!! 

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