Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mid-week Hills!

My mid-week runs are starting to get longer. 5 miles tonight. Due to run 21 miles in total this week, gulp! Tonight I decided to just randomly run, incorporating some streets I knew had a few long hills.

 I want to build hills into my longer runs to get used to running them while fatigued. I also want to run them continuously, catching my breath on the run rather than having a nice walking break after a big effort. Easier said than done.
I'm getting better, hills don't kill me quite as badly they did but they still kick my ass. I really have to work on my form for hill running. I think my current hill running can only be described as granny style; hunched over and wheezing. Instead I should have a straight back, with my head up and light strides. Something to aspire to and remind myself of as I hit a hill!

I found tonight's run hard for the first 3 miles as I constantly had a stitch. I ate too close to running and had too much protein with dinner. It's a fine balance for me, I can't run in the evening having not eaten since lunch time. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not my best self while hungry, so I usually eat as soon as I get home. That was late today as the puppy was in 'daycare' at his wonderful vet. 

I hit my best times mid run and held them until the last mile..must finish harder. My fastest mile was 8:32 mins, slowest 9:30, average 9:15. Not exactly Olympic standard but really good considering I felt like crap. Before you say I lie my Nike+ app is in km and it won't let me change it. I wish I was running 6:13 min miles, lol.
It's always nice to come home to my best supporter.....I always get a huge reaction to finishing my runs.
Where were you Mom?

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