Friday, 7 June 2013

If only my legs reacted as fast as my immune system!

Grr sometimes I think my body hates me. Its the second week of my marathon training and I've missed 2 out of 3 workouts so far this week. I got up really early on Tuesday, did the 3 mile run for that day getting a thumbs up along the way from some random stranger.

I rocked a presentation at work and was sitting down relaxing and playing with the puppy that evening when I noticed a rash on my legs. I looked further and it was literally all over my body from the knees as far my neck and shoulders. I might have freaked slightly but my roommate thought it might be heat rash so I popped an anti-histamine (don't worry with my insect allergy I keep a good supply) and took a cool bath.
The next morning it was worst despite the a/c being on full blast all night. I showed a workmate the next day, as they were more used to living in hot weather than I or my roommate. Low and behold, she said "we have to get you to a doctor". It turns out I was having a huge allergic flare up to something. I still haven't figure out what started it. Thank god for the super expensive health insurance work makes me get..I feel so sorry for the people who can't get basic medical treatment because it costs so much here.

I can run with this but I've elected not to for the last two days because the medication the doctor put me on (steroids and 2 different antihistamines) have left me like a space cadet. I'm pretty sure its because one of the antihistamines as it prescribed as a sedative...even writing this is requiring some fierce concentration. Not really compatible with running on roads where you have to watch out for crazy drivers. Plus I'd feel really bad out running when I can't even pull it together enough to go to work (I work in a lab being there in any way out of it would be asking for trouble).
I also now have to carry an inhaler everywhere with me (even tho I don't have asthma) as the doc is worried I'll get exercise induced asthma from running when my immune system is on such high alert.

I can't figure out if the doc was over reacting or if its really that serious...but I've had anaphylactic shock  before years ago and I'm not quite down for the miserableness of that, so I'm taking it easy. The rash flare up is taking it sweet time to go down..its all still there but less angry looking. Now that I'm not so scared, I'm angry about not running.

I am however determined to do my long run..I don't think overall I'll suffer for missing two days out of training but the long run might be a different story. I think I'll get up early first thing in the morning before I take any pills do it, then take the pills and relax for the rest of the day. So yes I'm going slightly crazy.......I just want to train!!!

Sorry for being so whiney but I'll be tougher once I'm better, promise :) BTW I always thought that injections in the butt wouldn't hurt so much, with all the padding...but they really do!

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